Good System Management Ltd., established in March 1993, is a branch of Good
System Group.

At the early stage of our Company development, we focused our attention
mainly on Regions outside of Hong Kong. There were joint ventures with a number
of Enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Foshan, and Shunde which operated jointly
and managed several large scale real-estate properties, shopping centres, and
commercial centres. Recently, we are changing our policy and directing more effort
to Hong Kong by associating with some renowned companies, enterprises, and
employing professionals who are leading experts in property management. Our motto
is “good service, high efficiency, competitive price”. We will do a splendid for our
clients in Human Resources, Security, Property Management, Maintenance and
Repairs, Legal Counsel, and Financial Advice.

In February 1997, we were in the top tier of Property Management Companies
in receiving the Security and Guarding License.

In July 2016, we joined the Hong Kong Association of Property Management
Companies to remain at the fore-front of trends in Property Management Industry.

Good System Group also provides service in related businesses such as real-estate agency, security services, maintenance and repairs, environment services, etc.
We truly can provide a wide range of services and products to our clients.