Good System Management Ltd. established in March 1993 is an associate of Good
System Group.

At the early stage of our Company development, we focused our attention mostly at Beijing, Shanghai, Foshan and Shunde, and jointly ventured with some state enterprises to manage some large scale real-estate properties, shopping and commercial centres. Recently we are directing our efforts in Hong Kong and associating with some renowned companies, enterprises in property management business.

In February 1997, we were in the top tier of Property Management Companies in receiving the Security and Guarding Licence. We are also members of the Property Management Services Authority, the Hong Kong Association of Property Management Company Ltd. and the Federation of Hong Kong Property Management Industries Ltd as the fore-front of trends in Property Management Industry.

In 2022 we were awarded ‘The Outstanding Commerce Services in Greater Bay Area’, presented by Guangdong-HK-Macao Bay Area Entrepreneurs Union.

In 2023 we were awarded ‘The Outstanding SME Corporate Social Responsibility’ presented by Mirror Post.

Good System Group also provides services in related businesses such as real-estate agency, security service, maintenance and repairs, environment service, etc.

We truly can provide a wide range of services and products to our clients in Property Asset Management.